I’ve been stewing for some time about how and when to begin this blogging thing. I’ve been reading and commenting on blogs for several years, and finally I’ve decided to carve out a little niche of cyberspace for my very own. I have no illusions that I will someday join the A-list, but if a few dozen people show up every now and then this will be worthwhile.

What’s the purpose of blogging? Is it to change hearts and minds? To me, it’s an outlet for my brilliant opinions – whether or not anyone else considers them to be so, or even reads them. If a tree falls in the forest, does it still make a sound? Maybe. Maybe something I write will touch off someone else’s synapses and create a “butterfly effect”, causing a hurricane elsewhere in the blogosphere.

Something had to happen to provoke this first post, and it’s this article by former conservative Frank Schaeffer in HuffPo.

He makes a strong point that the more successful Obama becomes in his presidency, the more distorted, violent, and rabid their rhetoric will be.

today a whole far right industry, led by Fox News, Limbaugh, the evangelicals, right wing Roman Catholics, Palin, the former vice president and his daughter — etc. — is growing up and into a permanent, negative and profitable hate-Obama industry. It is catering to the deluded, the paranoid, the fearful and – let’s be frank – none too bright rube underbelly of white America.

The Republican Party is quickly becoming a foul nest of knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers who vent their spleen on everything from “taxes” (despite the fact that no one’s taxes have been raised) to the Presidents’ preference for Dijon mustard.

One of the things that enrages the far right are the very things that most reasonable people find admirable in Obama: his temperament, his intelligence, his open-mindedness. They see him as a traitor because he’s not a chest-thumping militaristic jingoist like they are. they see him as an elitist because he’s not a gap-toothed moonshine-swilling redneck like they are.

Schaeffer predicts that unhinged domestic terrorists will attempt to assassinate Oabma, or target innocent civilians like Timothy McVeigh did in 1995. I hope he’s wrong, of course, but when I see the incredibly ignorant and hateful garbage being spewed on the right-wing blogs, I fear for the worst as well.

Schaeffer rightly takes to task the Republican “leadership”, not only for failing to isolate this fringe element and distance themselves from it, but also for positively stoking the fires of hate.

In this time of economic uncertainty, Americans need to get behind their President as he attempts to repair the damage created by his predecessors. Obama has been in office for only 5 months. It will take time before he can repair eight years of B*sh’s failed policies. In this age of instant gratification, Americans need to learn a bit of parience.