George W. B*sh is the stupidest man ever to set foot in the Oval Office, and yet Sarah Palin makes him look like a genius and a statesman.

This seems to be the pattern with Republicans. They keep lowering the bar as to what they consider to be an acceptable intellect in their leaders. Ronald Reagan was a dim-witted ideologue, and yet compared to George W. B*sh he was wise and prudent. George Bush (the Elected) was mediocre at best, and yet his idiot son makes him look like a successful President.

I thought that Dubya’s failure in domestic and foreign policy (in everything he touched, really) would make people reject the model of the genial idiot as a recipe for an ideal leader. I thought that never again in our lifetime would we see Americans eager to entrust the highest office in the land to an abject moron.

But along came Sarah Palin. B*sh with lipstick, with possibly an even more tenuous grasp on reality and the issues than the 43rd “President”. I cannot believe that anyone who witnessed this intellectual train wreck could possibly continue to support her: the disastrous Couric interview should have been enough to convince anyone that she was a lightweight incapable of a coherent or mature thought. The nasty way she divided the United States into “patriotic, pro-American” parts of the country and others that are, well, not. The ridiculous way she was pranked by French-Canadian radio hosts into thinking she was speaking with French President Nicolas Sarkozy should have cemented the impression of her stupidity for all time.

And yet she had (still has) legions of fans who somehow – incredibly – believe that she is qualified to become the President of the United States. What is WRONG with these people?

After that bizarre, rambling speech where she quit her post as the Governor in Alaska before even having completed one term, she is still giving signals that she intends to pursue a career in national politics. Everyone was caught by surprise: why did she resign on a Friday afternoon before the July 4th weekend? Many people have speculated that a major scandal was about to burst, but what could be so bad that would overshadow all the tawdry details of her political and personal life that we have seen before?

I think she’s a delusional woman who thinks that she can quit as Alaska’s governor and still maintain a national profile based solely on her rabid fan base. She fails to realize that Governor Sarah Palin has far more inherent credibility than private citizen Sarah Palin who couldn’t complete one term in a statewide office.

Now she seems to be blaming the media for misrepresenting her resignation. They speculate about a political or personal scandal. What are they supposed to do, since she failed to give an intelligible reason during her disjointed press conference on Friday? The media assumes that there must be a logical reason for her to make this astounding gesture, but with Sarah Palin, assumptions based on logic are not necessarily relevant.

I think she continues to have national ambitions, and she does not realize that resigning as governor almost certainly sabotaged these aspirations. She is probably getting bad advice from someone, but ultimately she is responsible for this ridiculous decision. She shouldn’t blame the press for commenting on it.

I’m ambivalent about what this means for the future. it was useful for Democrats to have a laughable figure like Sarah Palin front and center as a poster girl for the Republican Party. Her lunatic fans think that Democrats are “scared” of her candidacy. Well, of course, any sane person should be scared of the unthinkable possibility that Sarah Palin could become President, but fortunately we have enough faith in the intelligence of the American people to realize that this could never actually happen.

Unless there’s some kind of accident. After all, the previous record-holder for lowest IQ, George W. B*sh, did manage to get himself “elected”, sort of.

Now that Sarah Palin’s political career lies in a shambles of her own making, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. It was fun while it lasted.