August 2009

Obama is clearly NOT a socialist. If he was even mildly socialist, he would have used his considerable political capital to push for the much simpler and superior single-payer healthcare option, instead of a mishmash “reform” that may end up enriching the insurance companies and big Pharma.

So why do the right-wingers continue to call Obama a “socialist”? It’s simply because they have enough self-awareness to know that they can’t use the word “Nigger” nowadays. So whenever you hear a right-wing nutbag scream about “socialism”, just remember to internally translate to their real meaning so you can figure out where they’re really coming from.


Today is August 6, 2009. It’s the 64th anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima – a date that will never be forgotten. Whatever the merits of the argument that the Bomb ended the war sooner and potentially saved hundreds of thousands of lives, the deployment of this terrible new weapon is something that we should commemorate with a sobering look at its destructive capabilities.

August 6 is another anniversary worthy of remembrance: It’s the eighth anniversary of the day that George W. B*sh was briefed about the upcoming al Qaeda attacks on U.S. soil.

In his book, The Assault on Reason, Al Gore says that a Presidential Daily Briefing like this would have been treated like a five-alarm fire during the Clinton Administration. High-level security meetings would have been held, the available intelligence would have been coordinated, there would have been an effort to connect the dots.

Not so with Dubya and company. When the CIA agent finished his briefing, Dubya dismissed him with “you covered your ass, now. You can go.” Rather than assemble his security team to assess the threat and respond to it, B*sh chose to go golfing that afternoon. No high-level security meeting was scheduled until… September 10.

This is what we need to remember when we hear the right-wing propaganda about B*sh “keeping us safe”. He did NOT keep the U.S. safe in the summer of 2001, despite the warnings.

No one knows if a putative Gore administration would have been able to stop the 9/11 attacks, but it’s hard to imagine that Gore would have laughed off the CIA warning and spent so much time on vacation after hearing it. With a concerted effort at the top, it’s conceivable that the information held by various intelligence agencies could have uncovered the plot. This is one of the tragic effects of the theft of the Presidency by B*sh and his Daddy’s cronies on the Supreme Court. 532 votes in Florida could have made all the difference between life and death for those who perished on 9/11.

The B*sh regime was simply not concerned with the threat of Islamic fundamentalist attacks. When she was told by her predecessor that her number one priority would be Islamist terrorism, Condoleeza Rice accused the Clinton administration of being “obsessed” with bin Laden.

The tragedy of B*sh and his coterie ignoring the August 6 PDB goes beyond the approximately 3,000 innocent people who were murdered on September 11, 2001. It’s at the root of the series of blunders, mistakes, and crimes which the B*sh regime committed subsequent to the attacks, including the disastrous and unnecessary invasion of Iraq, which resulted in the needless deaths of over 4,400 U.S. troops and hundreds of thousands of civilians.

This, along with the Hiroshima bombing, is the reason why August 6 should never be forgotten. The date coincides with presidential action (Truman’s) and inaction (B*sh’s) that ultimately sacrificed hundreds of thousands of human lives.